Saturday, November 28, 2009

Miley cyrus pics. New pictures.

Miley cyrus pics. New pics from google.

miley cyrus picsmiley cyrus picsmiley cyrus picsmiley cyrus picsmiley cyrus pics
Did u guys see the Miley Cyrus pictures? wowow watd u think? k, so that they werent so bad, but it isn't ba role model for young children is to nd all? I understand that a teenager shes nd nd me will have all 15 that ive goofed out w / my friends but u knw wen you've gotta admit, the limit reached. ohh yes no nd u guys watch her performance for all i want for christmas is you? http / / / watch? v = DEfEuipAkdA i dnt rly lyk her voice chimpmunk
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Friday, November 27, 2009

Jessica alba butt. New pictures.

Jessica alba butt...

jessica alba buttjessica alba buttjessica alba buttjessica alba butt
Are there any celebrities hotter than Eva Longoria? If I Eve in comparison to Halle Berry, Eva wins. Eva Beyonce comparing wins Eve. Eva, Jessica Alba, who wins? Are there any Latina hotter than Eva Longoria? Why do so many people find them so attractive? No offense, perhaps because I am living in densely populated Latino area I know of at least 5-6 Latinas living that I think are more beautiful than her. Whats the deal? She has no breasts. She has a butt and hips, I see. Shes not ugly. But people make it seem like shes a walking 10th
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